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We Provide a Gamut of Services and Offer a Variety of Products

Kate Translates started as a simple translation service company, then evolved into a formidable publisher. Since our inception we have dedicated ourselves to servicing large firms, medium businesses, and even individual entrepreneurial leaders. As you see, not only have we translated many others' Business needs into Business as Usual™ , but also our own brand!

Here is a glimpse of the services we excel at:

  • Creating Uncopyrighted Material
  • Procedural Manuals
  • Slogans, Speeches, Presentations
  • Web Presence, Logo Design
  • Ghost Writing, Pictorial & Graphic Design
  • Confidence Construction
  • Individual & Group Strength Building

Exceeding Satisfaction

Ernest L. - Tech Firm Sales Dept, DM


It still blows my mind how thrilling the curriculum is presented. Most seminars are lackluster and honestly drab, but not Kate's. Her trainers and specialists are by far The BEST in any industry!

Charlene E. - Once Background Socializer


I could never relax and be myself once a guy I liked let me know he was in to me. That scared me, and I felt so alone and thought I would always be alone. Kate Translates changed all of that! I wish I would've given myself this HUGE chance in life much earlier. It's ok though, I am finally happy and realize how much I was holding my own self back. Thanks Kate! I am pretty sure I love you!

Phillip S. - Fiduciary Agent


Being stuck in a dead end job is no fun. Before taking on my current career, I had a job where I had no power. The responsibilities entrusted to me were nil. Climbing the corporate ladder was always like a pipe dream for me. Kate's professional development course is a clear course of action to get where you deserve to be in life. I am there now! It's only due to Kate Translates.

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We at Kate Translates are the premier publishers of great authors and great upcoming authors! 

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