Rotting Strawberries by CatuKe Monique

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Kate Provides Authors:

Couture Ghost Writing

When you have a great story to tell, but you don't know where to start. You just started! Now Kate Translates tells your story how you want it!

Couture is uncopyrighted written material our clients use to wow audiences of all facets. Whether you are a brilliant verbal artist yet blocked, an over achieving student needing more freetime, or a high profile politician, we have a presentation, speech, or paper of any length to formulate for you, from you! Meaning we tailor to your knowledge base.

Graphic & Pictorial Design

Because Kate knows you are a wonderful writer, we take the graphical communication upon our shoulders. You have enough on your plate with writing the next great childrens' or other pictorial work!

We Are Your Start

You have been held back long enough. Let Kate Translates positively publish the brand you were meant to be. Empowerment starts here, now you can do it! No excuses.

The World Is Your Stage