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From procedural step-by-step instructions tailored to your business' needs, to training manuals, safety manuals, continuing on job education, to that which your business uniquely calls for, Kate Translates has you covered. 

Base cost is 250 USD for 3,000 words or less. Administration fees for travel and shadowing is not reflected in the base cost.

Publicity Verbiage

Many firms, large, small, and everything in between have to present both, internally and also publicly. Kate Translates develops specialized speeches, slide shows with text, you name the oration presentation style, this is what we do! 

Base cost is 375 USD for 3,000 words or less.

Logo Design

The simple task of how you want to present your business to the vast market is a piece of cake when allowed 200 words, or 60 seconds. How simple is the task when words and time are severely limited? Exactly, not so simple. Therefore let Kate Translates formulate your business' face/logo/brand. 

We have options for building your brand's web presence as well.

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